An Overview of Ladies Pink Golf Bags

Ladies pink golf bags are in higher demand than ever before. It might be a stereotypical move on behalf of the manufacturers to assume that pink is every girl’s favorite color but they are smart enough to know that it represents more than just a girly color. Sports teams worldwide have begun to embrace the color pink as part of the support for Breast Cancer Awareness. The color pink represents the survivor spirit, the goddess of the field and the princess within. Ladies pink golf bags are no exception and should be sported with pride.

Bag Boy 2012 XLT-15 Pink Ladies Golf Cart Bag
RJ Sports Ladie's Cart Bag (9-Inch Top)

Ladies pink golf bags are tailor made to accommodate for the females slighter frame. Ladies are choosing these bags over the male bags in retaliation to the years of lugging around an oversized male golf bag. These bags are generally lighter in weight when compared to the male golf bags and are available as either cart bags or stand bags. Pink golf stands are sometimes available as a package deal that come with the ladies pink golf bags, others are sold separately. Divider cart bags are also available such as the TaylorMade San Marino Divider Cart Bags, also available in pink, black and white.

Orlimar Ladies Executive Series Pin Stripe Golf Cart Bag
Cobra Lady Sport Stand Bag

There is no question that ladies pink golf bags are designed with the women’s needs in mind. Some may choose a pink pack that comes with a pink golf bag, pink cart, irons, driver and wood such as the Golf Girl Petite Complete Pack. There are also some junior varieties available to accommodate the up and coming young female golfers as well. One particular pink golf set is for the littlest female golfers. This Golf Girl Junior set is aimed at an age group of 4-8 year olds.

There are many accessories that compliment the ladies pink golf bags perfectly. In line with the Breast Cancer Awareness theme are luggage tags available for your golf bag. These pink tags carry the Breast Cancer Awareness symbol. It could not be a better fit with the words ‘courage’, ‘hope and ‘strength’. All traits required of the modern golfing lady and survivor.

Other golfing accessories that can be found in the pink theme include pink golf balls, pink tees and pink clubs. An essential part of the sport, you can color co-ordinate to match your pink golf bag or simply choose to be different. A ladies bag would not be complete without a barrage of pockets and what better to fill them with than more pink accessories. Look out for pink towels, pink golfing gloves and a pink golf hat or visor to compliment your ladies pink golf bags.

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