Pink Golf Bags with Stands

Pink golf bags with stands are a very good idea for the female golfer. A stand makes it easier to place the bag down and choose the next club. The stands are usually in the form of retractable legs, like a tripod. These stands usually set the bag down on an angle so that the clubs are more accessible to the golfer. Golf bags without stands need to be put down which can make it more difficult to get to when you need to change clubs. Cart bags on the other hand are not designed to be carried at all. These bags are particularly cumbersome and are meant to be put into a golf cart and driven around the course.

Bag Boy 2012 XLT-15 Pink Ladies Golf Cart Bag
RJ Sports Ladie's Cart Bag (9-Inch Top)

A pink golf bag with a stand helps to protect your clubs. After all, you probably spent quite an investment on your golfing equipment; you donít want it lying around in the dirt and mud during a game. Looking after your equipment will ensure that you get a lifetime of use out of it. Having a stand golf bag can help to keep your clubs and other accessories out of the dirt.

Orlimar Ladies Executive Series Pin Stripe Golf Cart Bag
Cobra Lady Sport Stand Bag

Stand bags are great for anyone who wants to save their back. The bag remains upright, even when you set it down. This means that you can spend less time rummaging around on the ground trying to sort out which club you wish to use. This is a distraction from your game that you just donít need. A pink golf bag with a stand allows you to set the bag down without bending down. This can make the game a whole lot easier in the long run, especially if you have a slight back problem already.

Pink golf bags with stands can carry a half set of golf clubs or a full set of 14 golf clubs. They usually have a divider that separates your clubs so that the putter is within easy access. These pink golf bags also have many pockets for your accessories as well.

Unless you can afford the more expensive and bulky cart bags, a stand bag is a great choice for the female golfer. Cart bags are designed from heavy weight material and are not intended to be carried. You can customize your pink golf bag by embroidering your name onto it, adding accessories such as a name tag or simply by color matching it to your golfing attire.

Womenís golf is getting more popular by the day and it so refreshing to see that the manufacturers of the golf equipment have finally stood up and noticed. As such, there is now a wonderful range of pink golf bags, accessories and other golfing paraphernalia that is specifically intended for the female golfer.

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